Judges FAQ

It's easy, just fill out the registration form on-line. Please remember to include your email address as this is the easiest way for us to send out reminders.

If you wish to be a judge at the CYSF, you must:

  1. Be at least 19 years old or attending a post-secondary institution
  2. have a love of science
  3. be available for the morning of the fair judging day, Friday April 15th at the Olympic Oval.

Space permitting, all people are accepted as judges unless you are contacted otherwise. You should get an e-mail confirming your registration immediately after registering.

Elementary projects are done by students in grades five and six. Most of these students have competed at a school fair and have won their place to attend the Calgary Youth Science Fair. Secondary projects are from students in grades seven to twelve and have projects that are generally more advanced than those in elementary.

We like to recommend you start at the elementary level for at least one year. Elementary projects are generally not as involved as those at the secondary level and don't require in depth knowledge of a subject. Judges at the secondary level must have adequate knowledge of a subject so that they can ask more complex questions about project results.

Please note this schedule may be revised

7:15 am

Judges arrive at the fair at the Olympic Oval and make their way downstairs to the judges area

Please bring clipboard, pencil and pen

Take your name tag and meet your team

A continental breakfast is provided

Each team has an envelope that contains forms, labels, and schedule. The team should go through the envelope to make sure they have all forms and labels.

7:30 am

Elementary and Secondary committee address judges and go over a few last minute details and give thanks to all the volunteers and sponsors

8:00 am
Judges move downstairs and introduce yourselves to the students you will be judging and let them know what time each of you will be back to judge them. Please remember to introduce yourself to students as a group

8:15 am
Judging starts

You will judge each project separately (usually about four projects)

You will have around 40 minutes per project to talk to the students and fill the form

11:00 am

Meet team back at your judging table

You and your team will compare notes, rank projects and discuss and assign final marks

Fill out Judging Team Mark Summary form, this does not need to be an average mark but a mark that all team members feel the student deserves

The scores need to be handed in by 11:15 am (no comments, just scores) so the list of projects that should be second round judged can be made.

11:15 am

Prepare one written comment sheet for each student (please make two identical comment sheet if there are two students)

Please remember to complete the lines for Entry No. and Location No. on the forms

12:00 noon

First Round / Medal Round ends

At this time, use the envelope to hand in all forms:
- Comment sheets
- Tally sheets (evaluation forms)
- Spare forms

No, you don't need to attend the Judging Seminar, and you can still judge if you don't attend. We strongly encourage all new judges attend as you go over how to judge a project and what to do if you have a problem project. Also, the judging handbook is handed out, so if you are not attending, and have never judged, please e-mail judging@cysf.org to let us know you need a handbook.

No, you don't need to attend the Preview night. The Preview night gives the judges a chance to look at all the project when there are no students and to have one last chance to mock judge a project.

Please contact us to let us know of your interest in judging for future years and we will add you to our data base.

We can't guarantee that you will be judging with your friends. When we build the judging teams, we like to put experienced judges with less experienced or new judges. This gives us more consistent results and allows new judges to learn from past experience of the other judges.

Come to the fair on Saturday.  Medals are handed out starting at about 11am, and the awards ceremony starts at noon.  Also, major award winners will be posted on our website after the fair is over.

In the past there have been approximately 1000 students (600 projects) that have participated in the fair. Check back for statistics on previous fairs.

You can still judge as there are many students at the fair. If you arrive in the morning and find that you are judging your child's project, we will switch you to a new team.

There are two ways to receive a judging handbook and since the handbook is occasionally updated, it's always a good idea to have a look at it every year. If you attend the judging seminar, you can pick one up there or if you are unable to attend the judging seminar, you can contact us at judging@cysf.org and we will send you a link to download and print off a copy.

Judging for the fair will be held on Friday April 21st from 7:15am to 3:30pm, at the Olympic Oval. We like judges to arrive between 7:00 and 7:15 am.

Public viewing is on Saturday, April 22nd from 9:00am - 12:00pm with the awards ceremony starting at 12:00pm

You can choose from the following two judging seminars:

  • Seminar 1: Monday, April 10, 12 PM to 1 PM: Devon Tower: 400 3 Ave SW
  • Seminar 2: Thursday April 20, 6 PM to 7 PM: Olympic Oval at the University of Calgary.

The Judges' Preview night will be held on Thursday, April 20th from 5:00 - 8:00pm at the Olympic Oval.

A parking voucher for Lot 10 will be emailed out prior to fair day.

Click to our Support section for more information.

Please contact us as soon as possible to let us know you can't attend the fair. Our teams are made up just prior to the fair so as long as you give us sufficient warning it does not cause any major problems. If you had every intention of coming but for some unforeseen reason have to cancel the morning of fair day you must call the number given to you in prior mailings.