Mary Frohn, 1964

Since 1962, Calgary students, parents, volunteers, teachers, schools and local businesses have successfully organized and generously supported the continued “amazingness” of the Calgary Youth Science Fair (CYSF).

Throughout the last 55 years of inspiring youth to explore Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM), the CYSF has hosted over 40,000 students with more than 30,000 science fair projects ranging from whether solar flares trigger tectonic activity and what is zeolight to the effect of ceramic vs. steel bearings on yoyo spin and treating tailings water using oyster mushrooms – an idea inspired from seeing a single dandelion growing up through pavement and wondering how it could be there.

“The future of STEM innovation will be driven by the imaginations of our young trailblazers,” says CYSF President Vanessa Davidson. “The science fair experience piques their natural curiosities about the world around them and challenges their understanding of how things work.” Vanessa adds, “Without the support of thousands of dedicated volunteers over the last 55 years this level of student mentoring could not have happened.”

STEM touches every aspect of our lives and reaches far beyond school projects. Its scientific method approach encourages evaluation, critical thinking and discovery. It’s how we explore, understand and engage with our world that then influences change and shapes our future. And in its process helps us to make sense of information that provides insights into solving the world’s most complex issues, one science fair project at a time.

“The partnership we have with the Calgary Youth Science Fair is a wonderful opportunity for our university to support science education in our Calgary area schools,” says Diane Kenyon, vice-president of University Relations at the University of Calgary. “The level of innovation, ingenuity and invention demonstrated by these young researchers is inspiring.”

It is through the ongoing commitment of our valued partnerships with organizations like the University of Calgary that believe in a better world through knowledge that has enabled the CYSF to continue inspiring youth to explore STEM for the past 55 years.
“We are very fortunate to have a strong relationship with a number of supporters, like the University of Calgary, Devon Canada and BP Canada, who embody the spirit of innovation and discovery,” said Amberly Dooley, CYSF External Relations Chair. “Our fundraising efforts have been affected by Calgary’s slow economy and we’ve relied heavily on those supporters who were able to maintain their contributions with us.” Continuing, “We are always looking for individuals, companies and organizations willing to be part of the CYSF excitement and are still working to cover our expenses for this year.

Explore. Wonder. Be inspired.