Team Calgary

Twelve top students and their science fair projects from the Calgary Youth Science Fair (CYSF) are bringing home nine medals and $44,500 in university scholarships from the Canada-Wide Science Fair held at Carleton University in Ottawa, Ontario May 12-18, 2018.

Chuck Buckley, delegate at the Canada Wide Science Fair and President of the CYSF Society was thrilled with the outcome: “Calgarians should be proud of the achievements of all of these amazing young scientists representing our great city in Ottawa. The students had a great time showing off their work and we could not be prouder of their efforts.”

The Canada Wide Science Fair brings together 466 students from over 100 regions of Canada through the auspices of Youth Science Canada. These students represent 25,000 students who competed in over 100 regional science fairs across Canada. Here is a snapshot of this year’s winners from Calgary:

  • Youth Can Innovate Award: Aaron Varughese Abraham from Webber Academy. For more information on the award, visit:
  • Youth Science DISCOVERY Challenge Award: Nikko-Johan Lee from St. Mary’s High School for his project: A Novel Strategy for Preferential Killing of Breast Cancer Cells.
  • Gold Medal for Excellence Award: Aaranyo Ghosh of Tom Baines Junior High School for his project: A Novel Chemogenetic Approach to Treat Drug Resistant Hypertension.
  • Silver Medal for Excellence Award: Monica Aida Lopez (Westmount Charter School), Tim Gubski (Westmount Charter School), Faris Fizal (Westmount Charter School), Aaron Varughese Abraham (Webber Academy) and Nikko-Johan Lee (St. Mary’s High School).
  • Bronze Medal for Excellence Award: David Popa (Louis Riel Elementary), Catalina van der Raadt (Webber Academy) and Mary Wan (Webber Academy).
  • Statistical Society of Canada Award: Aaron Varughese Abraham (Webber Academy) for his project: Predicting Alzheimer’s via L-arginine Metabolites and Ensemble Machine Learning.

Photo details: (from left) Sheridan Feucht, Monica Aida Lopez, David Popa, Mary Wan, Faris Fizal, Aaron Varughese Abraham, Nikko-Johan Lee, Aaranyo Ghosh, Claire Du, Catalina van der Raadt, Sophie Hoye-Pacholek, Tim Gubski

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Congratulations to all of the students who participated! Hopefully we'll see you at the next Calgary Youth Science Fair!